Tagging Tips

Does VRmeta Allow Me To Use Keyboard Shortcuts?

Yes. VRmeta uses keyboard shortcuts to save you mouse clicks. Editors know that using shortcuts for repeated actions are vital to quickly getting things done. VRmeta users can navigate their videos by using the following shortcuts:


  • J - 1 frame back

  • K - play & pause

  • L - 1 frame forward

  • Left arrow - 1 second back

  • Right arrow - 1 second forward

  • V - view tags & close tags

  • C - Add caption (save with Enter, close/ reset with Esc)

  • W - Add IPTC/ DC keywords (save with Enter, close/ reset with Esc)

  • Q - Add quick tag (save with Enter, close/ reset with Esc, if an IN-point already exists, Down arrow key to select it)

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What Is The Fastest Way To Tag My Videos?

If you're in a rush, then we've devised a quick and dirty workflow that's going to take your videos from invisible to discoverable in a few mouse click. Choose the video you want to tag and begin watching. When you find an important moment, press Q (for quick tag) on your keyboard. You can now enter either a single meta-tag or an IN-point. You can continue to watch the video until you find more important moments and repeat the process to either create an OUT-point or a series of additional meta-tags. Need a caption? Press C and write up to 2000 characters of description

Can I Add (Metadata) In And Out Points To My Videos?

Yes. Adding a "metadata"  IN and OUT point is quite easy. While viewing a video pause and then move cursor target to the point in the video frame to tag. Then left click to bring up text entry box in the lower right corner of the screen. Enter tag with as many words as you choose. Then click ‘in point’ to record tag. You can continue to view the video and if you determine an out point for any previous tag, pause video place green target and click. When the tag box appears simply enter a previous tag (which will auto-fill) and click on the "out point" button.

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