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The VRmeta mobile app for Android is a game-changer. The app gives users full inbound and outbound integration with the VRmeta SaaS. Tag anywhere, anytime. Download the app now

VRmeta's fully-synced, cloud-based system then allows users the flexibility to continue the creative process in Edius, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Avid, or Final Cut Pro

“This tool is here to take your video metadata into the future.” - Amos Struck, Microstock Guru and founder of MyStockPhoto.com

Watch your video, and simply use your finger to drag the crosshair over any person, object or event to apply both in-frame and time-based descriptive metadata. VRmeta is intuitive, and super easy to use.

By applying time-based descriptive metadata at the point of creation, users give their video amazing frame-level search results that guarantee content immortality. By contrast, traditional metadata search results would return full episodes, not exact clips. And those episodes may or may not contain the content the user actually wants to access. VRmeta gives users exactly what they searched for. Every time. 

VRmeta is super smart, and offers auto-completion on all frequently used terms and keywords you apply to your video. It even remembers all of your previously used vocabulary so that you don't have to re-type when time is critical.

VRmeta applies universally legible ISO (Adobe) flavored .xmp descriptive metadata. VRmeta fully complies with IPTC Video Metadata Hub - Recommendation 1.2

Save your tagged videos to your gallery, share directly to the VRmeta SaaS.

When you export any completed video to Edius, Premiere Pro CC, Avid, or Final Cut Pro, the time-based descriptive markers you applied will appear seamlessly in your timeline.

VRmeta app is fully synced with the VRmeta SaaS. Users can start work in the office, and simply pick up and continue their work on any Android mobile device anywhere, anytime. Feeling inspired after a video shoot? The VRmeta app allows users to tag and instantly share with any desktop hosting the VRmeta SaaS.

Need more convincing? Watch this video and prepared to be wowed ...

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