VRmeta For DAM Managers

and Librarians

VRmeta For DAM Managers & Librarians

If you manage video or are part of any metadata/ keywording effort, then VRmeta is your must have tool. VRmeta gives any piece of video it touches instant immortality, provenance and over-the-horizon discoverability

  • Ensure that all metadata is automatically tracked to a frame level time stamp, providing the ability to display the exact frame and object (identified by a bounding box in the editing display) in which the metadata track or element occurs 

  • The depth of metadata that can be associated within a single frame is unlimited 

  • Given the depth of information that can be created, having the ability to add time-based metadata at the time of production - when much of the information is known by those closest to the asset - is a win win for all stakeholders 

  • VRmeta adds value to any asset immediately after production. If the video were tagged by someone other than the production unit, this level of information might be lost. Information depth and granularity provides for much stronger ability to search and find the specific video segment you are searching for

  • While tagging at the production level is ideal, post-production tagging also yields deep, rich information that goes beyond the typical descriptions of who, what, when, where, and how

  • The full potential of creating rich metadata sets is achieved by creating large libraries of tagged assets 

  • This deeper level of intelligence opens the door to unparalleled search and recommendation functionality and accuracy 

  • For example, while it may be common knowledge that Mariah Carey sang in Times Square on New Year's Eve 2018, a metadata-driven search of "Mariah Carey” might also return hundreds of unrelated clips referencing the singer or featuring her likeness, but will not necessarily be the one that any stakeholder actually wants 

  • With a VRmeta-powered time-based metadata solution, stakeholders can develop best-in-class enhanced discovery and viewing experiences that drive engagement and better monetization of video assets ​​

  • VRmeta is the first means of recording important, critical information about who, what, when, where and how 

  • Adding context through in-frame, time-based descriptive metadata guarantees that those assets will have life beyond just their initial broadcast or web presentation 

  • Create time-based metadata at the production level and leverage metadata driven solutions to build  best-in-class search and recommendation applications  

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