What Is VRmeta?

VRmeta is the world's smartest video MAM. 

VRmeta allows users to apply both IPTC, in-frame or time-based descriptive metadata to any know video asset type either manually or by leveraging our incredible AI bot, and to export and share that metadata with video editing platforms like Avid, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and Edius, as well as every known DAM and MAM

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Is VRmeta A Media Asset Management (MAM) System? 

Yes, many of the features like tagging, descriptive metadata support and in-archive search and discovery make VRmeta one of the most intelligent, responsive and easy to use MAMs out there 

Can Every DAM Or MAM Find My Videos After Tagging With VRmeta? 

Yes. Every DAM or MAM should be able to find your content once it's successfully ingested


How Will My DAM Or MAM Do This? 

Your DAM or MAM will either allow the direct ingestion of your content, and just read the embedded metadata, or it will require you to import either the .csv sheet, the .xmp. .txt or .xml sidecars that VRmeta generates 

Is VRmeta Cloud-based? 

Yes, VRmeta is cloud-based on AWS, and is built to handle any volume of content upload or processing 

Is The VRmeta SaaS Synced With The VRmeta Android Mobile App? 

Yes. The VRmeta mobile app for Android is a game-changer. The app gives users full inbound and outbound integration with the VRmeta SaaS. Tag anywhere, anytime. Download the app now

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