VRmeta & AI Training Sets

VRmeta For Generating AI Data Training Sets

VRmeta is the only SaaS solution that generates a verifiable "single source of truth dataset" from any known video asset type. In machine learning, a training data set is used to create or fit a data model. VRmeta establishes high-quality training data for any variety of media, sports and healthcare applications 


  • VRmeta is on the cutting edge of research and development into machine learning and artificial intelligence applications with services such as data collection, processing, and labeling, as well as semantic annotation

  • VRmeta provides both capturing and tagging capabilities for both digital and immersive video and the audio associated with any particular asset 

  • Using VRmeta to generate silos of data to train AI platforms eliminates the scenario of awkward AI  response, i.e., metadata that raises eyebrows and shoulder shrugs 

  • VRmeta is a bulwark against that "how did that data get in there?" moment 

  • VRmeta abstracts away the friction of dataset generation, one mouse click at    a time 

The VRmeta API allows users to:

  • Return a list of all your videos and their corresponding metadata

  • Return all metadata for a single video asset

  • Return all tags sorted by video

  • Return all tags for a single video

To learn more about how VRmeta generates AI training sets for broadcasters, watch this video

To learn more about how VRmeta generates AI training sets for healthcare, watch this video

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