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Does VRmeta Integrate With Adobe Premiere Pro CC? 


Yes, VRmeta embeds Adobe® “flavored” .xmp metadata into your clips. This means that users of VRmeta can export their work into Premiere® Pro CC, After Effects® and Prelude®, and view the meta-tags as clip markers on the time line.


VRmeta also offers users of Adobe Premiere Pro CC a plugin module which successfully integrates VRmeta directly into Premiere, and allows users to drag and drop their tagged videos into their editing timeline.

  • The resulting embedded .xmp travels with the asset and continuously informs all recipients and stakeholders via time-based descriptive metadata. VRmeta "marries content with context, and because of that, metadata becomes a love note to the future users of the data to which it’s tied

  • Adobe Premiere users are able to meta-tag (mark) their content during the clipping process, but enhance those tags and add greater volumes of granularity and precision using VRmeta. Specifically, VRmeta allows them to add in-frame markers and give any video accurate discoverability

  • VRmeta's cross-hair application technology (point and tag) gives Adobe Premiere Pro users the most precise means of applying meta-tags ever created

To learn more about how VRmeta works with Premiere Pro, watch this video

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